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Longhai Chemical

At longhai, we continue to innovate and to provide technical service to customers worldwide, and design wax powders and others additives that help solve formulation problems and enhance performance in industrial inks, coatings, adhesive, plastic and leather products.

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We continue to innovate and to provide technical service to customers worldwide.


Our additives collection

Wax additives for powder coating

Wax powder and wax emulsion provide good abrasive property

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Aqueous additives for ink

Easy to disperse, reduce friction coefficient, high cost performance, used in ink and UV system

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Wax dispersant for paint

Used in high-grade wood paint and industrial paint that improve anti-scratch & improve hardness performance

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Additives for coil coating & Leather

Effectively improve the adhesion of glass and metal coatings, leather, and have good compatibility with different systems

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Additives for rubber& plastic

Good dispersion with mater batch, it can be used for high temperature extrusion of plastics

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Water-based auxiliary agent

Help pigment dispersion, improve compatibility, improve water and chemical resistance

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Why Longhai?

Jiangxi Longhai chemical Co.,ltd was founded in 2005. It covers an area of more than 34000 m^2 with annual production capacity nearly 10000 tons and more than 20 patents of Research and development (R&D), production and sale.

Products with high cost performance and stable quality, the automatic central control equipment is used in the workshop production line. And establish standardized production process, strictly implement the whole process control of incoming inspection, process inspection and out-of-factory inspection.

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